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There is a new “bug,” well newly discovered or newly revealed to the public, bug going around that infects computers and steals your personal information. And it seem that many of the big sites we use everyday to help us build our business, shop or just enjoy some free time have been affected.

I’m not a computer security expert or anything, so I don’t have any answers; but it’s critical that you be aware and take proactive measures to protect your information and change your passwords.

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Copyrights, Patents And TradeMarks — Oh Boy!

So you’ve finally finished that new project you’ve been working on forever — now what?

For most small and home-based business owners, they know they need to protect their intellectual property. It’s simply the smarter way to do business.
The problem is most people don’t know how, or even where to start.

This newest podcast will give you a brief introduction into the world of copyrights trademarks and patents and help you figure out where to go next to get more help.

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