Real Business Success Means Knowing Who You’re Selling To

If you really want to achieve success with your small or home-based business, you need to target your ideal audience, and then engage your prospect. That means knowing from the start how to actually connect with the folks you are talking to. One of the most useful ways to do that is to have a clear idea of the person you’re trying to reach.

Notice I said person, not people. This is because even though you are selling to an audience or market, you are actually talking to one person, that’s your focus. That means you need to think of your ad copy, marketing brochure or even video script as a conversation between two people who know each other, you and your ideal prospect. This is important, because Read More


The 3 Critical Components of Building a Small or Home-Based Business – Part 2

In our previous post we talked about planning and budgeting and how critical it was to your business success. Today we will be discussing the other two elements you’ll need to really build a successful home-based business.

Component Two – Taking Action

This is critical.  As I hinted at above, no matter how much planning you do, no matter how great your plans are, unless you take the necessary action to implement those plans you won’t be making any money with your own business, online or off.

One of the greatest tragedies of all the hype about making money online and home-business opportunities is that it sells people on the idea that starting a busy is quick and easy, and won’t take a lot of effort on their part.  The problem is that, that’s just not true. Period. Starting and building a business takes time and effort.

And because people are being sold on the idea Read More


The 3 Critical Components of Building a Small or Home-Based Business – Part 1

Now-a-days, there is a ton of information available online and off about small and home-based businesses.  But, the truth is building a successful business can really be boiled down to three critical elements.  

Step One – Planning & Budgeting

Okay, I know that sounds boring and probably isn’t what you’re interested in hearing.  The problem is,  while there’s plenty of info about “making money online”  that’s really not the same as building a sustainable business.  The bottom line is that without actual planning for the key elements of your business, it’s unlikely  you’ll ever have a business and certainly not a successful one.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not necessarily saying you have to create a traditional full blown business plan unless Read More


Five Steps for Effective Lead Generation

If you’re running a business, you already know sales are the lifeblood of your business. So learning how to consistently generate leads for your business is pretty critical.

The keystone of making sales is attracting people that need what you’re offering.  And the only way to ensure that people know what you’re offering and how it can help them is to get them an effective marketing message about it.  So how do you do that?

Here are five steps I would take:

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Struggling to Get more Leads for Your Business?

If you’re trying to figure out how to get more business, for your business this article can help.


Video – Know Who You’re Selling To

In order to market your business successfully it’s critical that you know who you’re selling to. Checkout this new video for more.


Critical Information

There is a new “bug,” well newly discovered or newly revealed to the public, bug going around that infects computers and steals your personal information. And it seem that many of the big sites we use everyday to help us build our business, shop or just enjoy some free time have been affected.

I’m not a computer security expert or anything, so I don’t have any answers; but it’s critical that you be aware and take proactive measures to protect your information and change your passwords.

You can find out more by reading this article:


Using Social Media for Your Business Can Be Easy

Using social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and even YouTube for your business can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step is simply narrowing your choices to the types of media that will be most useful in building your business. This will save you time and cut down on the amount of work needed to keep it up.  It will also allow you to then easily schedule time dedicated exclusively to working with your social media outlets as a part of your marketing plan.

The main thing is to be yourself and share useful info with your potential leads


Customer Retention

There used to be a clothing store that said “An Educated Consumer Makes the Best Customer” Now when they said that, they were talking about the idea that if Read More


Important Change to the Home-Business Tax Dedution

If you’re operating a business out of your home, you may find this info really helpful. Just click the link below to go to the article.

But do note I say MAY find it helpful. Depending on where you live and the actual cost of your home and annual operating costs this deduction option might not be a good fir for you since it’s capped at $1500.00

I’m not an accountant though, so you should check with yours for more info.

IRS Reminds Home Businesses of Simpler Deduction Option

The Internal Revenue Service reminded home-based businesses and their tax preparers Friday about a new simplified option for claiming the home office deduction that is available for the first time …